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Experience a dedicated partner who prioritizes your business needs, providing tailored solutions and unwavering support for your success. Join our satisfied clients and together, let's achieve remarkable results!

Caruso Eye Care

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Owner - Dr. Britney Caruso

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Managed Since: 06 / 2021
I initially collaborated with Britney on a project aimed at developing a tool that enables her management team to effectively monitor business services, employee timekeeping, and set operational goals. My primary goal has been to automate this process, ensuring consistent and precise data analytics. Additionally, assumed responsibility for her social media requirements, resulting in a considerable surge in social media engagement, exceeding a 150% increase.


Ongoing Projects :

Website Remodel, Social Media Management, and Document Creation

KE Managed Technology Solutions

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Owner - Justin M. Rickman

Managed Since: 04 / 2019 
Responsible for branding, designing, and executing the company's marketing and advertisement, logos, graphics, SEO, web design, videography, and social media management. The COVID-19 pandemic was a challenging time to build a business, as two years of development were paused by shutdowns. However, the business is now growing steadily, with increasing sales and strong social media engagement.

Recently Completed Projects : Website Remodel and
Upcoming Projects: Social Media Management | On-Site Media

Oakland Industrial Sales

Owner - Michael Sattler

ISO Sattler.png

Managed Since: 06/2023

Completed: Company Branding, Website Remodel, and SEO

Current Projects :

Social Media Management and Sales Brochures


Owner - Cure Performance Automotive Group

PERFORMANCE (1)_edited.png

Managed Since: 08/2023

Recently Completed: Company Branding

Current Projects :

API Integration, Web Development

Lab Contacts

Owner - Jodi Wojcik

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Managed Since: 10/2023

Upcoming Project: Social Media Management 

Recently Completed: Web Development, Company Rebranding

Only Love Events

Owner - Hannah Klebba

Only Love Events -  Black - No Background.png

Managed Since: 06/2022

Current Projects :

Website Remodel, SEO, and Social Media Management

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