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Dr. Britney Caruso

Lake Worth Target Optical

5900 SR 7

Lake Worth, FL 33449


September 10, 2023


To whom it may concern,


I am so privileged to have been working with Tyler Schauss for nearly two years now and I feel so inclined to share my amazing experience. I hired Tyler with the simple objective of updating an excel spreadsheet. Wow, how his work has evolved!


In the past two years, Tyler turned my simple excel spreadsheet into an elaborate Business Evaluation Tool that automatically imports data from nearly a half dozen spreadsheets and extracts the pertinent data so that I can evaluate my business at a glance. His attention to detail, desire for an aesthetically appealing tool, determination to ensure ease of use, and sheer excel knowledge made this project a success.


During our work together on the business tool creation, I asked Tyler to take a look at my social media pages and give input. That simple request turned Tyler into my social media manager and graphic designer. Tyler has an incredible ability to listen to my input regarding company goals and our marketing avatar. He takes the information and creates branded material that speaks to the audience and grows our business. Our social media presence has grown nearly 150% through the work of Tyler.


On a similar note, Tyler has created branded pamphlets to be used as educational material for the patients. I routinely hear my patients complement us on the professional and easy to read presentations of these pamphlets. From a business owner perspective, these pamphlets have assisted in the presentation of information to our patients with graphics and talking points.


Perhaps most importantly, Tyler is a business consultant with a wealth of knowledge and an extreme amount of patience, compassion, and dedication. He is honest and objective in his opinions. He truly has my best interest in mind and has routinely steered me away in a direction that would increase my bottom dollar and reduce my workload. In and of itself, his input is invaluable. His attention to detail and clear summaries of work completed makes me comfortable with his remote work modality.


I would recommend Tyler Schauss to any business owner who is looking for assistance on any task from graphic design and social media marketing to excel spreadsheet creation and management. You can rest assured that the work will be done with the highest level of professionalism. Please feel free to reach out to me, personally, for any additional information or questions.




Britney Caruso, OD, FAARM, FMNM

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